July 17, 2016

Train Bar for Adult


Have you heard of the work “Tori Tetsu”? It is a term for train maniacs whose hobby is to take photographs of trains from its railway lines. Although their hard core love towards trains have quite often caused some troubles and nuisances. It may sound ok if you say this as a hobby, but if you are an grown up adult, then it is recommended to enjoy it smartly with some good manner. The bar we are introducing this time is a place for train-love gentlemen which is in Shinjuku 3-Chome that offers train models and miniature railways. Let’s enjoy a quality time at this place without any interruption.

Enjoying the miniature railway art, at a bar beloved by train lovers.

From enormous train models to miniature railways, they are waiting for you once you enter the bar which favours to play Jazz music as a match to the train models. There is the breath-taking miniature railways placed at its bar counter, and you will naturally be fascinated when you catch a train model running the railway with its light blinking. The reason for opening this unique bar with train models running is as simple. The owner himself is a big fun of trains, and it is his intension to offer a place for people who loves travel, trains, and train models to be able to communicate to each other. Since its opening from 2008, the bar is been favoured from a lot of train lovers. In recent years the bar is hooked up to several kinds of newspapers, TV shows, and magazines having more and more media exposure.
The layout of the railways go like this. There are four miniature rails placed where four of the train models can run at the same time, which you can have different view of depending on where you sit at the bar. Mountains and houses are at the entrance of the bar, and that leads to city space including Tokyo Sky Tree when you go in further. On the front of the bar counter is a complete railway platform which can stow sixteen full carriages of Tokaido Shinkansen.
This may sound they are only for Train maniacs, though in recent years there are few museums, such as Hara Model Railway Museum in Yokohama and Railway Museum in Omiya, where you can experience the world of railway miniatures. Its preciseness is needless to say a form of art.
Platforms from all over Japan are the original motif to its miniature model platforms, and it is perfected taking bits and pieces of elements in order to express the original platforms.



Having Some Original Train Cocktails

In a technical world of miniature model making, there are generally two different sizes about their railway width, which are the N Gauge and HO Gauge. At the Bar Ginza Panorama, they use the N Gauge models on a scale of 1/148 to 1/160. Since the width of railway becomes to 9mm in between, it is named as “Nine Gauge” of which people call as N Gauge. You can enjoy your drink by looking at the N Gauge that runs through the bar. Also there are services where you can bring your own trains to run the rails, and ask to store your trains at the bar (both services are with charges) so you don’t always have to carry them. The night is truly yours having to enjoy the panoramic view of the miniature models, letting your favorite trains running through.
Another good thing about the Bar Ginza Panorama is that you can enjoy their original train motif cocktails with price of just around 1000yen per drink. Like for example a cocktail “Romance Car” is a raspberry cocktail which is introduced at the same time of the opening of the bar in 2008 as an anniversary drink. It is the most popular cocktail at the bar, where you can fancy a travel mood to Hakone. “Dr. Yellow” is another cocktail which also comes from a name of a train. It is a train that goes through to check the condition of the railways for Tokaid Shinkansen and Sanyo Shinkansen. It only runs for its check-up about three times a month, and you need to be lucky to be able to see this train on the rails since its running times are not open to public. As this train “carries luck to you”, this cocktail is a healthy one that could effect to stimulate on your apetite. Type of trains running in the bar differs day by day. This could also be another kind of quality time for you, to think about what to drink depending on what’s running on that day.



Way to Have Fun fo Those Who Knows How

Planning on your travel is another thing you can do when looking at the trains. If Romance Car is there, then that will lead you to think about Hakone, and Sanriku Tetesudo will be Iwate. This is another luxurious time you may have if you are an grown up, by thinking about where the trains will go and what kind of journey is waiting fo you. The bar space is moderate and relaxing with toned down lights, and this brings up the colorful cocktails from train world and the scaled down miniature city and model people living there. It is a bar that travels the land of Japan, which is only allowed for some who are truly mature.




Bar Ginza Panorama

Address: 3-31-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Tai Shin Building No.2. 9F
Tel: 03-5363-0842

Opening Hours
Mon~Sat / 18:00~ 26:00 *Possible for extending opening within an hour
Sunday / 17:00~ 23:00
*When national holiday next day / 18:00~ 26:00

URL: www.ginza-panorama.com

バー 銀座パノラマ 新宿店

住所:東京都新宿区新宿3-31-1 大伸第2ビル9階
TEL: 03-5363-0842

月~土曜日 18:00~26:00

日祝 17:00~23:00

URL: www.ginza-panorama.com


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