April 12, 2017

Spring means Strawberry Season in Tokyo


Nowadays, strawberries can be bought at the supermarket anytime of the year, even during the winter season. However, the real season for the strawberry is spring. Spring time is when you can indulge in strawberry picking, the event that allows you to pick ripe strawberries straight out of the source. If you love strawberries, take note: you can go strawberry picking in Tokyo. A 30 minute train ride and 10 minute bus ride, which adds up to around 500 yen from Shinjuku station will get you to the strawberry fields in the city of Tama.

Strawberries grown with the rich groundwater of Tama

The strawberry farm “Niikura Noen” in Ochikawa, Tama City opened in 2006. With the strong ambition to create “Japan’s most tasty strawberry”, the owner Mr. Takashi Niikura commuted to a strawberry farm in Tochigi Prefecture to study the craft of farming strawberries. To create a juicy, sweet strawberry, meticulous maintenance is key, from the amount of sunlight, temperature, humidity, and Carbon Dioxide concentration within the greenhouse. “The amount of human care is proportionate to the sweetness of the strawberry” claims Mr. Niikura proudly. The water used for cultivation is the fresh groundwater of Tama, which he pumps every morning.




No condensed milk is necessary for these strawberries

The strains of strawberries in this farm include Aki-Hime, Beni-Hoppe, and Asuka Ruby. The Aki-Hime is a well balanced berry in sweet and tanginess. Beni-Hoppe is stronger in sweetness. Asuka Ruby is proportionately sour, for the more mature palate. In addition, they are also cultivating the trending “White Lady” breed that is said to have the aroma of a rose and flavor profile of a peach. At the moment they are only producing small batches so you would be lucky to try them.
At this farm, condensed milk, a popular topping upon strawberry picking in Japan, is not provided. This policy comes from Mr. Niikura’s wish for people to appreciate the flavor of the strawberries by themselves. Moreover, at his farm you pay for the total weight you’ve picked (300 yen/100 grams), rather than a timed all-you-can-eat service, so that the customers could savor every last berry to the fullest. If you have a decent budget and belly capacity, you can indulge according to your craving. On the other hand, if you just want to enjoy the experience, then this is the deal for you. Mr. Niikura sees a wide demographic at his farm, from customers that come alone, to High school couples that come to visit after school.



Reserve your visit on a weekday – Overseas inquiries are accepted too!

Alright, enough explainin’ – lets get strawberry pickin’! As you walk into the greenhouse with a pair of pruning scissors and a basket, you’ll be surrounded by the pleasant aroma of the strawberries. Go wild! Go hunting for the ripest, reddest, largest strawberry! Find that one photogenic berry to upload to your social media! Once you’re done picking, now its time to taste your strawberry. As you bite into it the sweet juices of the strawberry will instantly fill your mouth and… Well, the rest you’ll have to go for yourself to find out!

In the recent years, the farm has seen an increase in customers from other prefectures, as well as from overseas. The popularity of the Japanese strawberry is on the rise, and has seen some buzz on various social media as the “Perfect Strawberry”. The owner, Mr. Niikura will be available to attend you in English, as well as the english speaking staff on site. On weekends, the farm has seen more than 500 customers, so a weekday reservation is recommended.
Services start from end of February to end of May. We highly encourage you to fit in a day to go Strawberry picking in Tokyo during your stay.

平日の予約がおススメ 海外からの予約もOK




Niikura Noen
Strawberry picking is open from end of February to end of May (RSVP)

Address: 1179 Ochikawa, Tama-shi, Tokyo
TEL:080-1173-1346 (9:30 ~ 14:00)

Open hours: Weekends 10:00 16:00, Monday Wednesday Thursday 13:00 ~ 16:00
Closed on : Tuesday, Friday (Open hours and closed days are subject to change)
URL: www.niikuranoen.com


住所:東京都多摩市落川 1179
TEL:080‐1173‐1346(9:30 ~ 14:00)

営業時間:土日10:00 ~ 16:00 月水木 13:00~16:00
定休日 : 火曜・金曜(営業時間や休園日は変更することがあります)
URL: www.niikuranoen.com

writer /
photographer / MIREI SAKAKI

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